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Mastering Your General American Dialect 

A 17-Episode Program with Voice and Speech Specialist, Joy Juckes.  Complete with a 50-page Workbook and bonus audio recordings of each work page. 

Who is this 
course for? 

This course is for you if you're already fluent in English, but need help Mastering Your General American Dialect!

Why does this 
method work?

Each episode features a short teaching session about a new skill, followed by a work session with one or two of Joy's clients.

What will 
I learn?

Our course will help you communicate with warmth, clarity and honesty - so you can connect beautifully with your audience. 

Learn through real brain-mapping techniques

Find the "Keys" you can depend on

Observe others from different cultural backgrounds and stages of learning, follow their progress, and practice each step yourself

Discover diagrams, resources, exercises and practice scripts that help build your expertise in Joy’s exclusive 50-page workbook

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