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I am delighted when my work impacts others in a powerful and positive way. I love what I do and it is humbling to hear how other's have benefitted from my passion.

Teachers who become mentors and friends. Thank you for giving me a new voice, Joy. What amazing fun these 6 weeks were. Till next time!

— Owais Sheikh -- Actor

Teachers who become mentors and friends. Thank you for giving me a new voice, Joy. What amazing fun these 6 weeks were. Till next time!

— Owais Sheikh -- Actor

From conception and design to production and workshop delivery, Joy provided a comprehensive training program that will continue to evolve with us as our company grows.  Joy’s sessions on “Brilliant Communication and Brilliant Selling Skills” will in future be a full day, after the enthusiastic feedback from those who attended her half-day sessions.

— Jennifer Burton -- Broker/Owner - Royal LePage Estate Realty Ltd.

As an actor, her lessons are truly invaluable…learning GA and RP dialects, but most importantly, learning how to speak with heart. Within the first weeks, the depth and range of my voice became warmer, I started feeling my voice instead of only hearing it. I learned how to play and explore the tone of a character, all the while understanding the keys of a dialect. She helped me fall in love with the sound of my own voice, a hard feat indeed.

— Marie-Josée Dionne -- Actress

I first met Joy when I moved to Toronto a few years ago, and I signed up for a 4 week dialect workshop that never really ended! Her passion, kindness and talent are simply unbelievable...I am so grateful for all we've done together.

— Alex Bronstein -- Actor

I have worked with Joy since I was 11 years old, and can credit her with helping me to tap into the potential of my voice and excel in my acting...she has a unique way of teaching each client, unlike any other Voice & Dialect coach... a wise, grounded guide, mentor and teacher.

— Neeky Dalir -- Actress

Joy has transformed the way I speak in front of the camera, at my work staff meetings, and in front of large group speaking engagements, and has helped me grow in my overall on-screen confidence...Fully understanding my natural accent has allowed me to tap into different accents with much more ease! This has been super exciting and powerful!

— Niels Dekker -- Actor

Joy has a loving way to help you walk past your mask and connect with your audience heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul...what a gift!

— Milena Vigliotta, Internet Radio Co-host

...had a film shoot yesterday with a lot of close-ups, and the director couldn't stop saying how amazing my close-ups looked...I used what you told us -- Breathe out, and never hold your breath!  It worked! Thanks again for everything -- Life changing!!

— Matthew Sheppard -- Actor

Joy was very patient with me when I first struggled with the concept of resonance and getting past the interference of my native language. She not only taught me several accents, but also how to analyze and learn accents on my own...I’m fortunate to have met her and consider her a mentor.

— PeiWei Zhang -- Actress

I keep meaning to email and thank you for the help with the Viking accent, because I booked the role! And it's been a blast. So much fun. And it all started with your help! You're the best -- So thank you again.

— Adam "Edge" Copeland -- Actor in Vikings

As a professional actress and singer in Chile, I realized how important it is for me to be able to work in English. My accent was very strong, so I came to Toronto and found Joy Juckes. She taught me many things, but the most important was accent can be a very powerful part of ourself – our story. I was able to achieve a much more believable General American Dialect with Joy!

— Andrea Velasco, International Celebrity

...Joy and I have found a groove and she intuitively knows how to work with me, with many good suggestions to help me only get better...

—Priyanka Bose (actress in Lion, and many Bollywood films)

Guess whaaaat...I booked the role!!!

Thanks again for your help. It really helped me to forget about the dialect in the room and just act.

—Daniel Jun -- Actor

Thank you for a day of awareness-shaking discovery! It was at times difficult for me, as change often is. You have a gentle, open approach that creates a safe environment to try-out new and scary experiences outside of an engrained habit-regime. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Jeffrey Douglas, Lawyer

...I've been learning English for over 16 years now, and have never had such effective pronunciation training until I met Joy. She is a great teacher. She is systematic in identifying and correcting each person's unique and specific problems. The result is so good that my employer is now sponsoring employees to take lessons from her.


Joy makes it clear that that thing which is "Voice" is not some commodity to be bought or acquired, but the very essence of self -- and that there is a rational, organized way to go about sharing, projecting and being at ease with that.

— Merlin Homer, Psychologist and University Professor

I have come away with so much more then I could ever have imagined. You have given me the tools to allow me to become a better presenter, better listener and a better communicator. I will keep my eyes open for your next course.Thanks again Joy.

— Janet Ross, Insurance Broker

Joy gave a series of workshops called "Performing Like a Pro" for our North Frontenac Little Theatre. They were fun, challenging, and helpful -- a number of people experienced real breakthroughs in their confidence and ability to use their voices. The new skills gained were visible and audible in recent productions.

— Sarah Hale, President, North Frontenac Little Theatre

After taking Joy's course I am more confident in offering my comments in meetings.

— Y. Li

These private sessions were very valuable, not just for my pronunciation, but to understand proper business etiquette. Everyone notices the improvement in my speech. I will definitely refer others to Joy

— S. Amirpour

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